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Renting Electric Bikes (eBikes) company based in Ostrov u Macochy, the village located in middle of Moravian Karst.
Take an eBike and enjoy the ride in the beautiful nature of Moravia Karst. You can safely park your car in our renting office.

Our Location


Rent 1 eBike for

1 day
31 €
incl. 21 % VAT
2 days
58 €
incl. 21 % VAT
3 days
83 €
incl. 21 % VAT
4 days
105 €
incl. 21 % VAT
More days

Children’s bike seat

1 day
100 €
incl. 21 % VAT

All listed prices incl. 21% VAT. If necessary, it is possible to manage few classic trekking bikes.

Contact Us

We speak English – contact us by phone: +420720582781 or e-mail: info@ekolorent.cz
or you can make a reservation directly from the form below.

Please fill if you book for more days

After booking, we will contact you to specify and confirm your booking.


We accept Cash (EUR or CZK), PayPal, Bank transfer

PayPal: info@ekolorent.cz

Bank transfer (EUR):

Name of the bank: Fio banka a.s.
Account holder name: Ludmila Libichová
Account No.: IBAN:  CZ1420100000002601964891
Address: Street: Dukelska, City: Boskovice (ZIP Code 68001), Country: Czech Republic
As an variable symbol use your phone number!

We do not accept credit cards!

Reservation and renting conditions

1. Hirer must be older than 18 year old

2. Hirer has to submit at least two valid documents

  1. National ID
  2. Driver license
  3. Passport

3. In the event that the hirer cancels the reservation (for any reason) less than 5 full calendar days before the specified date, the hirer is not entitled to a refund of the deposit paid.

4. For the ebike, each hirer will receive a bicycle cable lock, and on request a bike helmet.

5. By renting or reservation of the ebike the hire take a note with this conditions and with the principles of protection and rules of handling personal data according to the GDPR

How to secure eBike against theft

Ebike locking against theft in public places during the rental. We provide a free cable lock for each ebike to secure locking. If you lock your ebike in public places during the ebike rental, please keep on mind:

  • always lock the ebike by the frame, never by the wheels or seat
  • consider whether the object or structure to which you lock the wheel is strong enough and cannot be easily dismantled or removed
  • road sign posts can be pulled out of the sidewalk
  • avoid locking ebike on abandoned places for extended periods of time, especially at night